v6 & Candidate.ID enable you to recruit strategically by building and nurturing defined talent pools to stay ahead of business demand.

Through a unique IDScore, we accurately measure a candidate’s desire to work for an organisation in real time, enabling recruiters like you, to cut cost and time while gaining a higher quality shortlist.


v6 & Candidate.ID give you all the tools you need to start building relationships with high quality, passive talent so they are aware of your organisation, engaged with your campaigns and more importantly ready to consider your open roles when they decide to make a career change.


Accelerate productivity and keep candidates moving through your hiring process with automated workflows, alerts and trigger emails, or create new actions whenever a candidate’s status changes. Make v6 & Candidate.ID a central hub for all your candidate data.


Let v6 & Candidate.ID do the heavy lifting by automatically nurturing candidates and identifying those most interested in the opportunities you have to offer.

v6 Talent Management solutions allow ‘in-house’ recruitment teams to manage everything from job postings and candidate selection to integration into in-house HR systems. We have cleverly selected the right solutions to effectively and seamlessly bridge the gap between ‘Supply & Demand’ in the ever changing recruitment industry.
Candidate pipeline management is key in the world of digital recruitment. We, at v6 Talent, provide key solutions to overcome corporate enterprise systems and candidates lost in the ether.


Customise your hiring workflow for every Job.

Drag & Drop

Move candidates from one stage to another, while maintaining an overview of your pipeline.

Job boards

Access more than 400 free and premium job boards worldwide.

Social media

Easily share your job openings on social media with one click.

Application form

Customise the application form of each Job, including custom screening questions.

Tracking links

Insert a custom code into a job’s link to track where your applicants come from.

Job filters

Filter all applicants to a job based on tags, screening questions, sources, ratings, and more.

Activity feed

Keep track of all your team’s activities within a job.

Notes & files

Store all notes and files relevant to a job for your team’s reference.


Gain insights into your job’s application rate, candidate sources, and your team’s hiring performance.

Skill set

Define a required skill set for a job that your team can refer to when evaluating candidates.


Set a job as “Draft”, “Internal use”, “Published”, or “Closed” according to the stages where you are in your hiring process.


Follow a job to receive email notifications of that job’s activities.

Quick access

Quick access from any device. iPhone and Android apps available.

Sync & backup

All your jobs’ information is backed up and synced to your Careers Site and job board listings, everyday.

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