Jobseekers are clear on what they have to do in order to get a job: look for job postings and advertisements, prepare a resume tailored to the job they are applying for, submit the resume along with an application letter, and wait for word from the hiring manager or recruiter about a possible interview.

It sounds straightforward enough, but did you know that there is another process through which jobseekers can get a shot at the job of their dreams?

V6 Talent Management has a suite of automated tools to help organisations apply job bidding not only internally but externally to maximise of securing talent, on time and on budget.

In many instances, job bidding is referred to by some as “inside first” hiring, because priority in recruitment is given to candidates that are already with the company. Let us take a look at the reasons why many employers prefer to use job bidding instead of going about the traditional way of recruiting for its open positions.

  • Job bidding, done correctly automates the identification of all internal and external candidates using the V6 Talent platform
  • Job bidding is less costly when compared to job posting targeting internal and external candidates. We use Talent Scout to perform position specific candidate searches.
  • Job bidding facilitates a faster hiring process. The company will be able to fill the open position faster, because it will not have to look far for the best person for the job. The recruitment process can be sped up, or even cut short. Usually, recruiters will spend time weeding through resumes to separate those who are qualified from those who are not. Then they will contact the qualified applicants for a series of tests, skills assessment and interviews. If job bidding is used, the company will no longer waste time sifting through resumes, since the candidates who applied are already qualified. There will also be less assessment, and tests can be simplified, because the company already has information on the skills and qualifications of the employee, as a result of their previous employee performance evaluations.
  • Employees are already familiar with the company. Therefore, there will be less time spent on orienting them, with Candidate ID we then move to nurturing candidates on the corporate database and begin ‘Waking the Dead’
  • Since job bidding is done internally, this means that the promotion or movement of personnel within the organization is faster, and employees’ professional career growth along with it. V6TM also applies the same level of attention when marketing to external candidates. Combining our partners tools, Recruitee & CandidateID, we provide a full E2E service unrivalled by any other company
  • Job bidding, when done and executed right, can work wonders for the company’s image and reputation.