The race goes to the swift, and in today’s competitive environment, every company is wrestling with hiring talent. Savvy managers know they can’t delay when they see promising candidates, or they risk losing them. Shorter hiring processes especially appeal to millennials, who have grown up used to instant gratification and on-demand access. The articles below explore the techniques companies are using to fast-track the talent search — from ditching resumes to expanding recruitment.

Companies Fast Track Hiring – Wall Street Journal. “The latest trend in hiring has a lot in common with speed-dating. Fed up with recruiting that takes weeks or months, employers are experimenting with ways to take on new employees in a matter of days or even hours…Technology and media companies are accelerating the way they woo and acquire talent, from entry-level workers to directors. Managers say that things like delaying or forgoing reference checks and scheduling back-to-back interviews are helping swiftly fill jobs with good employees…The best candidates get snagged quickly, so companies gain little by extending the hiring process, says John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University.”

How We Stopped Reviewing Resumes and Started Making Better Hires – Fast Company. “We decided we needed to take our hiring process one step further, and we built an extension to our internal project-tracking tool that would help us better manage job candidates. It’s now a standalone app that moves applicants through our hiring pipeline as efficiently as possible….When a candidate applies for a job, our hiring app generates a unique URL with a series of sample tasks and space to enter responses. We encourage applicants to take their time, answer the questions completely, and spend as much effort as they would on a real-world problem. Submissions are returned anonymized. Our staff then evaluates completed materials solely on their merit, according to predefined criteria…By addressing five areas, we’re getting closer to hiring more effectively.”