Hire Faster, Higher Quality with Candidate.ID

v6 Talent Management is powered by Candidate.ID, the world’s first talent pipeline software, used by world leading employers to build deep pipelines of engaged candidates for today’s and tomorrow’s hiring needs. Our unique ID.Score accurately measures a candidate’s desire to work for an organisation in real time, enabling recruiters to improve the quality of their shortlists, while reducing costs and time to hire.

What is talent pipelining?

Talent pipelining – or as we like to call it, “relationship recruiting” – is building long-term professional relationships with passive talent for future opportunities. This means getting to know the talent landscape, the actual people, regardless of whether or not they are looking to make a career change immediately.

Developing a talent pipeline requires a shift from reactive recruiting to proactive recruiting. Your mindset should switch from recruiting to fill an open position to thinking about who your company will want and should hire in the future. Talent pipelining isn’t a short term strategy and takes time to develop and nurture, but in the long term the benefits are worth the investment.