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PostgreSQL position

PostgreSQL Job Description

Should have Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MYSQL but at least over 4 years in PostgreSQL as L3/L4 support PostgreSQL Associate/Professional certifications is preferred.Must have strong knowledge on documentation and industry best practices on PostgreSQL Must have experience in PostgreSQL database architecture, , installation on Unix & Windows platformsResponsible for Provisioning and Decommissioning PostgreSQL (Enterprise DB) Expertise in migration from Oracle, MSSQL to PostgreSQL Responsible for Major Upgrades/Patching PostgreSQL (Enterprise DB etc.) Responsible for configuration & maintenance of backups and recovery of databasesResponsible for Database Security, Compression, Encryption and Decryption Responsible for maintenance on databases (e.g., Vacuum, Reindexing, Archiving) Responsible for pro-active remediation of database operational problems Responsible for Performance tuning of database, Query tuning, system tuning, resource contention analysis Responsible for configuration & maintenance of standby replication methodologies like Streaming replication, hot standby, WarmStandby, Cascade replication and Synchronous replication for disaster recovery.Responsible for maintain security and integrity controls. Tuning autovacuum parameters to ensure up to date table stats and reclaim space Develop SQL reports that meet client expectations for the application (used by custom application) Responsible for Configuring log analyzation tools like pgFouine and pgbadger etc Installing and configuring nagios check plugins for Monitoring PostgreSQL instances effectively Daily log analysis using pgbadger tool and query tuning Installing and monitoring PostgreSQL database using the standard monitoring tools like Nagios etc Maintaining custom vacuum strategies at table and db level Performance Tuning experience Develops project plans for implementing database environments. Provides input to technical projects and oversees the tactical aspects of all database related tasks

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