Do you spend hours searching to find top candidates, but are tired of wasting time only to find a bad hire? Imagine not spending hours reading resumes and calling candidates who do not completely fulfill what you are looking for or are interested in having a conversation about getting hired. Recruitment automation will completely change your recruiting experience and present a world of opportunity. Resume screening usually takes up the most time during the recruiting process and over half of applicants are unqualified. This idea of automating certain aspects of the recruitment process will enhance human decision making in recruitment but does not have to replace it.  

 Recruitment automation gives a way for automated resume screening for example and allows recruiters to focus their time and energy on other things like seeing if the candidate is a good culture or personality fit. Another way this will be beneficial is it provides the recruiters with a way to be available 24/7. This gives the candidate a good recruiting experience and creates a good impression of the company. This allows questions to be asked without putting a huge strain on the recruiter’s time. One of the biggest ways in which recruitment automation is helpful is for interviews. These interviews facilitated by technology help to assess how well the candidate can fit in with the job requirements and the culture of the office. 

Industry experts believe “that by reducing time to fill and improving quality of hire, technology will enable recruiters to become more strategic by freeing up time to spend on proactive hiring and workplace planning” (Ideal, 2016). Overall these three major changes are a way for Artificial Intelligence to quickly solve problems. Companies using these new features have “tripled their qualified candidates and reduced cost per hire by 71%… they have also increased overall recruiter productivity by 3.7 times” (Tech Republic, 2017). By 2020 it is likely that recruitment automation will be integrated into most recruiting processes around the world.  

According to LinkedIn’s data, “quality of hire is the top priority for 60% of talent acquisition leaders (and) time to fill is the top priority for 28% of talent acquisition leaders” (Ideal, 2016). Using recruitment automation gives companies the ability to have quality of hire and time to fill as their top priority. Recruitment automation is a way to filter a list of candidates moving the most qualified to the top. This is a way for you to not waste time focusing on candidates that are not very interested in the position to begin with.   

V6 Talent Management works with Candidate.ID to accurately measure a candidate’s desire to apply for a certain job or work for a certain company. This is done by measuring their engagement in response to recruitment campaigns carried out through email and related outlets like social media. Candidates receive emails related to jobs and other relevant topics and the system keeps track of what they respond to and click on, using a point-based system. The point system grants points to the candidate for each action they take, in real time. As the candidate becomes more interested and looks more in depth at the company or job posting being marketed (for example looks at the HR manager’s LinkedIn profile) the actions are worth more points. Essentially, candidates with the most points move to the top of the contact list. This way recruiters can tell who is actually interested and who is applying or contacting them just because. 

This entire process is done using a candidate nurturing content map. As you get further down the process, the relationship between the recruiter and candidates becomes more personal. The first step is the Awareness Phase. During this phase the candidate will have the opportunity to explore topics such as networking events and industry insights related to the positions being marketed. This is typically done by email, social media, or career sites. The next step is the Education Phase, during which candidates learn about the mission, vision, values, and career stories specific to the company that is looking to recruit them. The channels of communication are basically the same as those used in the previous phase, but also include the corporate website and a landing page. The third phase of this process is known as the Consideration Phase. The candidates will have the job description, meet the team, and will have a personalized career vision. This is where the relationship becomes a little more personal by having a 1-to-1 meeting and connecting on social media sites. Finally, it’s decision time. During this time, the recruiters would have gotten to know the top candidates and are ready to have a discussion about an offer.   

Another tool V6Talent Management partners with is Jarvis. Jarvis is the fastest way to find, plan, and post content proven to be engaging on Facebook and Twitter. This is a way to publish content that is confirmed to be engaging to your audience. The main goal of this tool is to make controlling social media easier, so you can focus on your work. This is possible because Jarvis recommends content that will appeal to your audience. This program is different than completely running your own social media not only because it helps you find content, but also allows you to schedule your social media posts for later. This is a big deal for recruiters because everyone wants to have a great social media profile, but it is time consuming, and this is a way to make it easier and lessen that time spent managing all those channels. Another great benefit of this program is that it makes it simple to analyze performance, and manage all your accounts in one place. Overall, it greatly benefits recruiters and supports their efforts to appeal to their audience.   

If you have not already been sold on the benefits of these two tools that are part of the V6 Talent tool-set, then this last one will change your mind. CitySpy is a website for all things Prague and for recruiters to reach an audience that is engaged. CitySpy is an online magazine with a great potential of becoming the go-to portal for job listings in Prague and a loyal, engaged, audience. Using V6 Talent Management allows companies to post job roles on the home page and other online outlets for exposure and appeal to an established audience. By being featured in the CitySpy online portal, you can launch large campaigns that are supported through email, the portal itself and social media channels, for maximum exposure. Additionally, with the support of Candidate ID, the engagement of applicants is tracked through the various stages of the campaigns and your talent pipeline is created.  

Each of these tools offers something different that is a vital part of online recruitment. Working with Candidate.ID, Jarvis, and CitySpy, among other tools, V6 Talent Management allows your company to be strong in all aspects of recruiting.   

As you can tell, this is an in-depth process for you to find your top candidates. So, recruiters, the decision is yours. Are you ready to embrace recruitment automation, reduce time to hire, improve quality of hire and ultimately reduce your costs?  

If the answer is yes, the V6Talent Management tool set is the ultimate suite of tools for your recruitment needs.