All organizations aspire to have the best employees. Not surprisingly, you may find that the right candidate you are looking for is already a part of your organization. However, many times internal recruitment teams look outwards instead of inwards, posting job openings only as posters in break rooms, for short periods of time, that no employee really reacts to (or perhaps even sees). So, here are some tips to improve your internal recruitment process.  

Use internal job postings to find the best, from within.  

  • This is a way to ensure that all employees who are qualified can apply. For the employee to have all the information about the available position, the internal job posting should include a job description, department, employee eligibility criteria, and the date to apply. Make sure that you do more than just printing this in an A4 sheet of paper though. If your company has internal chat rooms or uses services like Slack to communicate with internal teams, make sure to let potential candidates know through there. Additionally, consider sending a department-wide email or personal emails to a few candidates that you think might be a good fit for the given role. Internal job postings are attractive to current employees because it is seen as a way to advance their careers and stay in the company for a long period of time.  

Design an efficient internal recruiting policy and be clever when deciding who will guide the internal recruitment process.  

  • For example, “the internal recruiting policy that you develop should actually put limitations to the HR department so that they don’t end up holding an employee from advancing in their careers because of personal reasons” (Assess Hub). Having a clear policy in place will allow employees who want to apply to a position have a precise understanding of what their application process would be like, whether their current position would be affected and what exactly to expect throughout.   

Screen interested candidates carefully and decidedly.  

  • This is important because even though an employee may be performing really well in one position, this does not me he/she will perform just as well in a different one. Be sure to screen all candidates equally and pay close attention to the candidate’s behavior and past employment record. Make sure to not be biased too, consider truly whether the candidate has the skill set and mindset needed for the open position.  

Learn and implement predictive analytics.  

  • “Employers have to be able to assess the probable yield of a recruitment ad in a certain location, among a certain demographic or at one salary point vs. another, and then instantaneously measure the results and make changes to that ad placement and content on the fly,” says Peter Weddle, CEO of Remember, it’s all about speed in today’s ever connected world.  

Simplify job applications.  

  • “Online applications that are daunting to complete can result in the loss of top applicants, among other problems. For example, negative word-of-mouth assessments about overly complicated processes—or bad reviews on ratings websites such as Glassdoor—may harm your brand. And companies can even lose money from abandoned applications if they are operating under cost-per-click recruiting models” (SHRM). Design your application process in such a way that it produces motivated candidates at the end, not exhausted ones. Strive to acquire the best but do not do so with the idea of completely breaking them down during their applications process.   

Embrace mobile because everyone is available there.  

  • Maintaining a clean mobile presence is now almost a requirement for an effective hire. This is a way to focus and grab a candidate’s attention at the right time. “Research shows that more than half of all candidates are job hunting exclusively via their mobile devices” (SHRM). You want to have a well branded mobile recruiting platform to make it easier for candidates to find you. And make sure that your website (particularly your job application section) are moile optimized.  

Hiring in the right way may be tricky but it’s certainly not impossible and even less so with the tools we have available these days and with simple tecquniques like the ones mentioned above. Learn about recruitment best practices and embrace the age of automation with our recruitment specialists at v6Talent Management and let us help you take your recruitment game to the next level.