Advantages of Online Recruitment

1. Cost Effective – usually free to use! Not only is it cost effective because most platforms allow you to post your job openings for free but it also minimises labour cost. And if you invest a little bit of money in candidate screening software, you might be able to save even more money during the hiring process.

2. Immediacy – most posts and replies appear in real time. It can help you either increase your efforts to attract more candidates, a different set of candidates (early instead of mid-career professionals, for example) and even stop candidates from applying if you’ve found the right person for the job. This further reduces the number of labour hours spent screening and informing job applicants about the status of their application.

3. More Effective – online recruitment is easily accessible to individuals making it a more effective method of getting your posts noticed. Online job ads can be quickly shared on multiple platforms.

4. Reach a Bigger Audience – you can target a far wider audience without having to pay extra or alter your recruitment strategy. 46% of the entire world’s population uses the internet, in developed countries up to 80% of people have an internet connection. If you are looking for younger recruits, than e-recruitment is probably the single most effective and efficient strategy possible, because almost 100% of the 18-29 age group are daily internet users.

5. Easy – almost everyone can use online recruiting methods with very little training because it is clear, easy to understand and user-friendly. Many job posting websites work with the familiar functionality of social media platforms and email providers. They also help you categorise and set the region where you would like your job posting to be displayed.

6. Dynamic Content – posting jobs online and via social media platforms gives you a chance to be more creative with your content and appealing to job seekers. Implementing technology can say a lot about your company and its culture and help attract a specific type of candidate. Businesses that use technology effectively prove that they aren’t afraid to innovate and that they embrace new technology and solutions.

7. Flexibility – the internet gives you much more flexibility with regards to controlling your posts and the applications you receive. If you post in a newspaper, however, and want to amend the job advert, it is tough, and in most cases, you would need to pay for an entirely new ad. With online posts, most platforms will allow you to edit, update and remove your job post whenever you wish.

8. Longevity – newspapers or other forms of printed media have a very limited lifetime, dependent on their publishing cycle. Most classified publications have a bi-weekly publishing cycle, meaning that your ad will only be seen for that relatively small amount of time. Online job posts on the hand will stay live until the author or the website removes it.

9. Accessibility – no matter where you are if you have an internet enabled device and connection, then you can do everything that I mentioned above. You can modify your job posting, see how many replies you have and even answer candidates.

10. Expedited Hiring Process – all of the previous advantages, lead to the biggest one of all; a shortened hiring process. Instead of waiting for a group of candidates to build up and then choosing from them, you will be able to access an enormous amount of applicants which will inevitably lead to hiring a capable individual sooner.