Germany is Europe’s economic powerhouse, with a reputation for efficiency, order, and low unemployment. But since the end of 2015, the job market in the neighboring Czech Republic has been even stronger. Czech Republic owes its success to factory jobs. The central European country’s manufacturing industry accounts for the largest proportion of its economy compared with others in the EU and represents more than a third of all employment. The production of cars, by companies like Toyota, Peugeot, Citroën, Škoda, and Hyundai, is now a crucial cog in the Czech economy (, 2017). 

In recent decades, Prague has turned from an industrial city to one with a modern service and R&D-based economy. During this process, local businesses have been very successful in attracting both foreign and domestic investment. The service sector is the city’s growth engine and employs around 80% of the workforce. The most important areas are the financial sector as well as trade-related services. Another increasingly relevant industry is tourism. 

“Czech unemployment rate decreased to 2.9 percent in June 2018 from 4.4 percent in the same month a year earlier and matching market consensus. It was the lowest jobless rate since November 1996, as the number of unemployed persons fell by 73.7 thousand to 223.8 thousand. In May of 2018, the jobless rate was slightly higher at 3 percent. Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic averaged 5.52 percent from 1990 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 9.69 percent in January of 2004 and a record low of 0.09 percent in February of 1990” (Trading Economy, 2018). 

It’s not so easy to provide any statistics on which fields are ideal for foreign employees in the Czech Republic, however here are some major interest areas: 

  • IT / electronics 
  • Automotive industry 
  • Financial and banking services 
  • Tourism 
  • Construction and engineering 
  • Leisure and lifestyle 

If you are struggling to find a job in this wonderful country, here are some tips:  

If being unemployed is all that you are thinking about, then stop, take a walk and clear your head. You never know what opportunities you will run into along the way.  

The biggest piece of advice is not surprisingly: be willing to try new things. This can get you anywhere and will open doors you didn’t even know where there to begin with.  

Also, keep yourself from being narrow minded, you might be missing out on your dream job. Don’t forget to put your networking hat on…going out and meeting new people will allow you to amplify your reach and enlighten you with regards to what positions might be suitable for you, that perhaps you had not readily considered before. Particularly in Prague, the networking culture is blooming with events and services designed to put you in the right setting for you to expand your social and professional circles!