v6 Talent Management is a recruitment marketing business that combines the world’s best tools together with years of experience in the recruitment supply chain. We help you find better qualified, hire ready candidates, faster.

Drawing on our vast recruitment experience, we have deep insights on where current processes have failed both the recruiter and the candidate. So we are ideally placed to offer solutions that help address those pain points.

v6 Talent Management has partnered with complimentary service providers like Candidate ID to help you build talent pipelines of engaged candidates that satisfy your current and future recruitment needs.

Metrics like time-to-hire and cost-to-hire are driven down, while applicant engagement goes up.

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Automation is essential in recruitment marketing today. Securing the right people for your roles is essential and being able to attract them is key to success.  Our automation services can push roles to all the key platforms in your geography, ensuring  maximum exposure and reach, finding you the kind of candidate you need to find.


A connected and synchronised work-flow is key to ensuring that the right jobs end up in front of the right people. Targeted use of social media and our engagement tracking system ensures you can see which marketing campaigns are actually engaging candidates and which are not.

Our platform API ensures consent-based, GDPR compliance all the way through the application process. Our various dashboards give you insights into the progress of each campaign.

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What our customers say:

“v6 Talent Management marketing campaigns and partners have helped us streamline everything recruitment, find the best talent internally as well as attract the best hires in a fraction of the normal time we are used to.”

Derek Brown HR Director